How to boost your restaurant visibility
& get more orders using Google My Business (GMB)
Accelerate your restaurant business growth without the need of large marketing budgets
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The Google My Business restaurant listings that see success from their Google profile, typically post appetizing images that excite users to visit their venue and try new dishes from the menu.
Why Creating a ‘Google My Business’ Account is Essential?
Local discovery
Customers don’t have to visit your website to access information about your restaurant - they interact and learn about your business in a jiffy by using the Google platform. This helps develop trust through the ease of use & credibility by being available in Google.
Heads Up Over Your Competition
You gain an advantage when you have one organized account for all business information for your customers. There are plenty of restaurants that have still not claimed their Google My Business listing. They miss an important outreach medium and lose an opportunity to capitalize on free tools by the world's leading search engine. These tools enable you with everything in one organized account.
Book A Table In Seconds
Google has established partnerships with third-party booking platforms to allow customers to book a table online easily without having to go to the platform’s website or the restaurant’s website.
Review Hidden Customer Analytics
Google My Business gives page owners the ability to quickly review analytics, which is not public on other platforms like Google Analytics. A few of these touchpoints that are monitored include phone calls, business directions, and customers that visited the website via GMB.
Build and Manage Customer Service
As we explain in the ebook, customers can leave reviews within the Google My Business platform. You can also respond to these reviews and you should as much as possible. This showcases to potential new customers that you are active and attentive to customer input.
Insights from Google/Ipsos, U.S., Playbook Omnibus
of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using search results (e.g., "click to call" option).
of shoppers surveyed say they use Google to get helpful recommendations or suggestions on what to buy
increase in search interest for "take out" across North America
Top 20 searches
“restaurants near me,” and “food near me,” commonly appear in the top 20 searches for many retailers, it’s easy to see why the holidays are critical for restaurants.
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